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The TodB Studio services were created to help homeowners find solutions to several different challenges throughout the process of buying and moving into a home, refreshing their home after several years, and then preparing to sell and move on.  Our Consultation services can help you to create a warm new home from the moment that you arrive.  The Interior Redesign services will assist you in clarifying or re-purposing a room for better flow and greater visual appeal.  Our Home Staging services will help you to neutralize your home decor, edit your personal belongings, and to create a home in which buyers can visualize their own belongings, imagine living in, and will therefore be anxious to purchase at top dollar.

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Interior Redesign, Home Staging, Savannah GA

Offering flat rates for Home Staging consultations and Interior Redesign!





When you present your staged home to buyers, they are able to see the house itself, and thereby visualize the fully furnished and decorated space as their home, not yours. This buyer's vision leads to a premium sale price because they already see the house as a space they can make their own, and will make a strong offer to make it so! Buyers make higher offers more quickly on staged homes...  

According to the Wall Street Journal, staging can increase the selling price of a home up to 10%.


Downsizing, Preparing your home for the market







Stage to Sell, Savannah GA

My staging philosophy is to begin by looking at how the current homeowner lives – what has made their house work well as their home.  What makes it warm and comforting for them may well translate to a prospective buyer.  I don’t like a cookie-cutter approach which treats every home like a model home (the same type of magazine look-alike furnishings, which often translate as impersonal regardless of how chic they may be).  Buyers look for a home that can become their safe haven, not a high-end hotel room where they vacation but never feel at home.  To this end, I almost never recommend buying or renting additional furnishings to stage a house.  I would much rather find a way to use the furnishings that exist, and create a more minimal look (to make all rooms appear larger). This works especially well for the seller with limited staging funds.

I will help the home owner to neutralize spaces (by pointing out possessions to pre-pack – such as family, religious or political items), allowing the existing warmth to be felt and appreciated by many prospective buyers.

I will point out deferred maintenance items that should be corrected so they won’t set off alarms for those viewing your home.

I will often recommend changing the color of rooms, if the current owner has used colors that would not be appealing to a majority of buyers, and will point out very dated looking lighting or plumbing fixtures that with simple changes could update the feel of the home without spending a lot of money.  Investing a little bit for a much larger return with a higher selling price is the goal – spending a lot to make the home look trendy is not my staging style. 

Lastly, I will prioritize my recommendations, and discuss options for doing just a little or much more from my suggestions list, but ultimately the choice will be up to the owner for how they can best prepare their home for the broadest range of buyers, within their budget…


What is involved in
staging your home?

TodB offers several options for
your staging needs:

Option one begins with a complete and thorough written evaluation of your home, from the curb, through each room in the house, and out through the back yard. After the initial walk-thru, with a view to what a buyer would see, TodB will walk you through your home, and go over every aspect of the recommendations for change or upgrades. This evaluation will take approximately two hours (more for a larger home), and the checklist will give the do-it-yourselfer an opportunity to have an expert's eye prioritize projects for them.

The flat fee for a written evaluation on a home to
2500 sq. ft. is $150-
2600 to 5000 sq. ft. is $225-

Option two puts the studio right to work on neutralizing your decor, pre-packing your edited possessions and redesigning your home to make it more market-ready. Tackle one room or the entire house -- fees are hourly. Please ask for more information on process and rates.

Downsize, Staged Home, Staging to sell



Redesign your home, Savannah GA

The average room will take 3-4 hours for an Interior Redesign

Flat Fee for a one room redesign is just $250-







In your home, the details of your environment surround you with the essence of who you are, and create a safe refuge from the outer world. Your home also takes your guests on a visual journey of where you've traveled, what you love & that which inspires you,   The goal for a successful redesign is to create a functional yet beautiful new interior using what you already own.  For less than the cost of a new piece of furniture, an entire room can be redesigned.  We will assess your needs and lifestyle, shop your home for treasures, empty and then re-place your furniture, rugs & lighting (with an eye toward function and focal points within the space), and will then accessorize a new warm and personal space which will reflect your life in a fresh new way.  A recommended shopping list will be provided if we feel that future purchases might add to the final redesign, and will even shop for you if you choose to add pieces, but don't have the time or confidence to find that "perfect" piece!

One day makeover Savannah GA



With a one day Interior Redesign you will be amazed by the different look your home will take on - it will become a world full of intentional details, reflecting who you are and how you want to live.  You already own everything that you need to complete this transformation -- let Tod put it together in a new way that will make you feel that you've paid thousands for a new designer room!

We start by completely emptying all contents of the room, determine fresh focal points, analyze traffic patterns, and then put it all back together with a designer's eye. Suddenly all of your pieces make sense together, and yet the room is comfortable and reflects your best taste to your family and friends!





Color consultations for your home, Savannah GA


Don't be hesitant with color any longer!

Bring just the right amount of color into your world with confidence by working with us...

It is not unusual to feel overwhelmed by trying to choose just the right color to paint a room.  Between hue, value and intensity, the thousands of available colors can confuse anyone.  We can assist you with all those decisions, and help you come up with the perfect choice -one that will work with everything else in the room as well as adjacent rooms...



Color or Furniture Consultations:
$75- per hour
(One hour minimum)




All services available in the greater Savannah, GA area!




Home Staging, Furniture Consultation, Color Consultation - Savannah GA

Furniture Placement is another area that many homeowners struggle with - where to place all your furniture to maximize the space and focal points in a room can be very difficult. Let TodB Studio place all elements in one or more rooms to make everything work well, to help with movement flow and patterns, and to give each space a designed layout!



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