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Tod has a degree in Scenic and Costume Design, which launched a lifetime of exploring different mediums, and working in various jobs, certainly some more artistic than others! Most of his professional work has been in Visual Merchandising (display) for varying retail organizations. He has also dabbled in teaching -- an MA in Communications allowed him to teach various public speaking, communication and theatre classes at five universities. It's been an adventurous life to be certain! 

In 2000 Tod moved to Savannah GA and began a love affair with this historic city and the lowcountry. As he finally embarks on a lifetime desire to paint with oils on canvas, it is this beautiful countryside and the houses, churches, monuments and flora and fauna of Savannah that will be his main subject matter. With a studio filled with half-finished canvases the training and work has begun. Within this year, finished canvases will become availalbe for sale, through online sources, and hopefully around Savannah as well. Please drop back soon for updates and more images, as canvases now work toward completion.

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